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Stark Enterprise Inc LLC's main headquarters resides in Clarksville, Indiana. Right across the river from Louisville, Kentucky lies a family-owned Music Store known as DrummerSuperStore online. The Music Store (locally) was founded in 2000 by Paul Greg Stark Sr. and his son Paul Jeremy Stark Jr. They began doing mostly repairs and restrings, custom guitar builds, and offering the locals a high-quality Recording Studio - which at the time wasn't easy to come by. As time went on, they tested the waters with many endeavors, however, the local traffic wasn't expanding quickly enough. Jeremy Stark decided to branch out into the internet and start an online music store. Now with a foot in the door into the e-commerce world - was born. is a Family Owned Business.

Every team member is a musician at some level and can answer all your product questions. We carry most major name brands and are constantly adding to that list. Our goal is to provide you with the service and attention to detail your local shop would but with the low price, you will find online. DW Drum Workshop, PDP Pacific, Sabian Cymbals, Sterling by Music Man, Ibanez, Tama Drums, ddrum, Luna, Dean Guitars, Ovation, G&L, Big Bang, Rogers Drums, Pork Pie Percussion, Gator Cases, Kaces, Hard Cases, Ahead Armor, Dream Cymbals, Shure, CAD Audio, Audio Technica, Ludwig Drums, Pearl Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Paiste Cymbals, Mapex Drums, Drum Heads, Brushes, Shakers, Tambourines, Wood Blocks, Drum Cases and Bags are only the beginning of what we find ourselves well versed with. Music Production, Audio Engineering, Studio Setups, Running Sound, Live Sound Installation, Mixing and Mastering, Recording Studio Setups, Podcasting, and more are common requests in this digital age, luckily, drummersuperstore is quite tech-savvy and will point you in the right direction whether you're looking to improve your education regarding mixing and mastering audio, or set up your own personal home studio - we have been working with Audio for a combined 30 years and will get you on the right 'track' (pun intended). We offer Music Lessons, and we buy and sell trade used gear. Don't forget about our financing options. We are available via Live Chat every day, however, you can call or email anytime if you have any product questions or you need to place an order.

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Financing: 0% Same As Cash
Layaway : 30 or 60 Day
Consignments - 30/60 Day

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Music and Voice Lessons
Guitar Repairs and Setups
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Vintage Instrument Appraisals

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Church/Studio/Club Installations
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Musical Instrument Shipping
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Our retail establishment, the Music Store, is located in Clarksville, Indiana. - 1-866-MUSIC-03