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Sell Us Your Gear - Consign your Gear - How it Works - FAQ  - Restrictions

Drummersuperstore® / The Music Store in Clarksville Indiana  is the place to go for new and used, musical instruments and music gear! Examples of gear that we buy-sell-trade ranges from Drum Sets and Kits, Hardware and Stands,Cymbals, Component and Snare Drums, Electric, Acoustic, and Bass Guitars, Orchestral Instruments like Violins, Cellos, Brass and Woodwind Instruments. We take Electronic Items such as Recording Gear, Studio Gear, Midi Controllers, Amplifiers, Speakers, Amp Cabinets, Recorders, Subs. No item is too small, Ukueles, Accessories, Banjos, Mandolins all accepted.

Sell us your Gear

For 25 years Drummersuperstore has specialized in buying, selling and trading used musical equipment all day, every day. You will find a huge variety of new, and used gear in our store and online. To ensure that we are providing the best customer experience in our industry, our used gear is inspected, cleaned, and prepped so the used gear you’re buying is always in great working condition, and assured to be 100% functional (unless otherwise noted). We don't like to consider ourselves a 'Last Case' resort, however, we are the 'Fast Case' resort if you need to sell your item today! It is very hard to make a good assumption digitally, therefore we will rarely (if ever) quote you a price over the phone or from a photo... we request that you bring it down to the store in person so we can review it and make a fair assessment after doing some research, on the value of your item.

Whatever you think you have, as long as its music related in some fashion - bring it on down so we can take a look! No appointment necessary.

Consign your Gear
If for some reason you do not agree with the price we are offering you. That is completely fine. We can always consign your item and sell it for whatever you are asking. If your asking too much for an item then the worst that will happen is no one will purchase and it will sit - eventually we will call you and let you know its not selling if at which point you still wont lower your asking price, we will ask you to come pick it up at no charge to you.

If we sell your consigned item in the store, we take a 20% consignment fee out of the price it was sold for. You must wait until the buyer has deemed to be a happy buyer, and not returning the item before we can pay you. If your item can not, or does not sell in the store - we might have to list it online to move it. If your item sells online, it is subject to a 30% consignment fee - the 10% additional being because of the costs associated with selling fees when selling items online. The item will need to be delivered to the customer, and positive feedback received (aka confirmed they will not be returning it) before we can pay you. If a customer is interested in your item (online or in store) and makes an offer, we will contact you with their proposed amount and see if you will accept it. We do this stuff every day, and with the current state of technology, it is very easy to see what something is worth in a current market....please be realistic when considering your asking price for consignments, if you are expected to get 3x what an item is selling for it is our duty to make you aware your sights are set too high, and at that point we will recommend you persue selling it on your own, as our time and real estate here is not abundantly available and we can not waste either of those on buyers trying to sell their item for more than its worth. We appreciate your cooperation.


- Bring It In
Bring us your musical instruments like guitars, amps, drums, keyboards, MIDI equipment, mixers, pro sound equipment, band instruments as well as related accessories. No appointment is necessary, if we are open, we are buying. If you need assistance bringing it in, we can help you unload, just let a staff member know.

- We Will Review &  Research
We’ll review and research each item and identify a fair market value for your products. While we are doing this, feel free to check out all of the cool used gear in our stores. We will compare similiar items that have sold in a recent market. We do not go by current listed items - we must look at SOLD items...  please understand anyone can list any item they want online for any price they want, it doesn't mean it is worth what they are asking.

- We'll Make An Offer
We will then make you an offer based on that fair market value or similiar comparison. We are very transparent and will show you what your item is selling for recently. We will shoot you a price that we find do-able, considering we have overhead, and resell value to take into account - a general rule of thumb is relatively 50% of what it is selling for. If you like the offer, we will pay you on the spot or you can trade against the cool, used gear you find in our store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although we don't require items to be clean, complete, or perfect. Presentation and Perception stand without saying as important factors when it comes to the exchange. We will compare your item to similiar condition items online, therefore, the nicer your item looks - the nicer the condition it will be compared to and thus, the more value it should bring. We do offer the best possible price to every seller, based on the supply, demand and condition of your specific products. However, making sure the product is clean, functional and has all of the related accessories, manuals and adapters will certainly improve the wholesale value of your gear.

The Music Store® buys all kinds of musical instruments and equipment daily. If your item is a musical related item (drums, amps, speakers, recording, live sound, studio, guitars, accessories, band, concert, orchestral, electronics, midi, cables, more!) then we are most likely interested. Even if your item is non-working and for parts - we will still make you some type of an offer - we may not be able to offer you very much, but we are known to purchase non-working instruments for art projects, wall hangers, or display items - so bring it on down!

Our certified buyers receive extensive training on how to appropriately value all categories of musical instruments and equipment. In a “typical” situation, we will pay 40-60% of what we have deemed to be the fair market value of your products (about half its worth) Every product is unique and in some circumstances, the value will fluctuate based on supply, demand, condition, currency of the product in question and other market factors.

Drummersuperstore / The Music Store will pay you on the spot, after an agreement is made. If the price is under $200 we can usually pay you in cash. Over $200 payouts are typically in the form of an official company check. Please bring a valid driver’s license or government issued identification card as required by state laws. You must be 18 years old and the legal owner of the product to sell to The Music Store. Proof of ownership may be requested during the buy transaction. We will make copies of your license/ID and have you sign off on a form confirming we paid you for the item, and agreeing to all terms and conditions - specifically that this item is 100% yours and you have complete say-so over the fact it is being sold.

Some items that have previous owners DNA (Harmonicas, Microphones, Earbuds, Headphones) are subject to refusal. After COVID-19 we are sure you understand and can appreciate that.

Please understand if you are bringing an item in to sell, that we must make paying customers a priority over folks selling gear. We understand you may be eager to off your item, but it takes some time to do the appropriate research and be assured all parties are pleased. Therefore we request if you a bringing an item into sell - that you do so when you have some free time to spare encase we are busy, short staffed, backed up, or all the above. Rest assured your business is a priority - but please have some patience if we have to check someone out real quick while doing homework on your item. Come in, take a browse around, take a seat and relax, we will get you in and out as quickly as possible.

Upright Pianos and Organs are very heavy, require multiple guys to help move, and pianos must be tuned every time they are moved. At this time, we are not accepting any upright pianos, grand pianos, or upright organs. Honestly we get a call or two a week of people begging us to move it and take one for free so selling one, is going to be quite tough in this day and age. Is what it is. We will, however, be happy to review any digital pianos, keyboards, or synthesizers.

If we hear you talking about stealing the item, selling or receiving stolen property, or if we suspect your item is stolen, authorities will be notified immediately. Do not bring stolen items to our store. Do not bring counterfeit items to our store. Items are subject to reporting, and if an item you sell us is discovered to be stolen, we will turn over your information to the authorities - along with camera footage of you selling us the item.