Consign your Gear

If for some reason you do not agree with the price we are offering you. That is completely fine. We can always consign your item and sell it for whatever you are asking. If your asking too much for an item then the worst that will happen is no one will purchase and it will sit - eventually we will call you and let you know its not selling if at which point you still wont lower your asking price, we will ask you to come pick it up at no charge to you.

If we sell your consigned item in the store, we take a 20% consignment fee out of the price it was sold for. You must wait until the buyer has deemed to be a happy buyer, and not returning the item before we can pay you. If your item can not, or does not sell in the store - we might have to list it online to move it. If your item sells online, it is subject to a 30% consignment fee - the 10% additional being because of the costs associated with selling fees when selling items online. The item will need to be delivered to the customer, and positive feedback received (aka confirmed they will not be returning it) before we can pay you. If a customer is interested in your item (online or in store) and makes an offer, we will contact you with their proposed amount and see if you will accept it. We do this stuff every day, and with the current state of technology, it is very easy to see what something is worth in a current market....please be realistic when considering your asking price for consignments, if you are expected to get 3x what an item is selling for it is our duty to make you aware your sights are set too high, and at that point we will recommend you persue selling it on your own, as our time and real estate here is not abundantly available and we can not waste either of those on buyers trying to sell their item for more than its worth. We appreciate your cooperation.


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