Randall Thrasher Guitar Amplifier Head

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From the bench of esteemed amp guru, Mike Fortin, this amp offers the user to tailor the aspect of their gain in ways that no other amps have done.

As the name implies, the Thrasher series amplifiers are the top of the food chain in hi gain amplification for the serious player.

Randall Thrasher Guitar Amplifier Head Features
2 Channel with variable boost
4 mode 120 Watt All tube head with Active/Passive inputs
High and Low Frequency Gain controls
Full EQ for both channels
Presence/Density power amp voicing
Push/Pull bias controls
Series/Parallel Loop
Heavy duty metal front/rear grills, corners, edging
Dual top handles for easy lifting
Tons of gain and aggression
2 Button LED footswitch included.
Tubes: (6) 12AX7, (4) 6L6

With 3 different gain controls at the front end- LF Gain allows control over the low frequency gain while the HF Gain offers control of the Hi frequency gain. That combined with the over gain knob lets the player carve out by frequency the areas in which the most saturation is desired. This is extremely useful with drop tunings and extended string sets. While most amp loss focus with that much low end signal combined with hi gain, the Thrasher can hold together by decreasing the LF Gain and tightening up the bottom end for the maximum clarity and punch.

Meet the Thrasher, the new metal classic.