Pearl Mimic Pro Electronic Drum Module by Slate MIMP24B

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  • Pearl Mimic Pro Drum Module
  • Pearl Mimic Pro Drum Module MIMP24B
  • Pearl MIMP24B Electric Drum Module
  • Mimic by Slate
  • Mimic Drum Module Side View
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Pearl Mimic Pro Drum Module 16-in/16-out Drum Module with 120GB Hard Drive and Slate Drums 5   Pearl 24 Bit Electronic Percussion Sound Module powered by Steven Slate 5 Drum library with 7" IPS touch screen   The world’s most advanced electronic drum module as a dedicated hardware host for Steven Slate Drums. 24-Bit Steven Slate Drums 5 Multi Channel Samples With Separate Adjustment of Close, Overhead, and Room Mics. IPS Touch Screen 120GB Solid State Drive 16 Inputs Aux In 16 Audio Outputs (8 On The Module / 8 From The DB-25 Connector) Two Completely Separate Mixers For Headphone and Aux Outs - Drummer Gets A Personal Mix With Effects That Does Not Affect Outputs All Aux Inputs Have Cymbal Choke Function Supports Triple and Dual Zone Cymbals and Dual Zone Hi-Hat Compatible With Most Pads On The Market SD Card Slot and USB Imports One Shot Wave Files. MIDI In and Out Dedicated Slate Drums Host w/ Touch Interface The Pearl Mimic Pro percussion instrument brings Steven Slate Drums 5's groundbreaking reality to the spotlight. Gain entry to 60 high-quality percussion sets recorded in prestigious studios around the globe. Then, for unheard-of authenticity from a computerized set, mix in session-recorded room microphones, delivered in gorgeous 24-bit, for each kick, snare, tom, and cymbal. The Mimic Pro's potent features can be accessed without the use of cumbersome buttons thanks to the 7-inch color display. Thanks to the included Burr Brown converters, one of the most reputable brands in the business, your samples will sound better than ever before. A 120GB SSD and SD/USB support keep examples current as you move from performance to gig, and the sixteen ins and outs with triple and dual-zone percussion support accommodate nearly any instrument. Powered by Steven Slate Drums 5 You read that right. The Pearl Mimic Pro is powered by the yet-unreleased Steven Slate Drums 5 library. And if you know producer & software guru Slate and the care he puts into every one of his drum libraries, you're already excited about this module. The Mimic Pro gives you instant access to 60 high-end drum kits recorded in some of the world's finest studio spaces, each captured with multiple industry-leading microphones and a laundry list of legendary outboard gear. The dry tone of each drum is preserved in each sample. But you can also blend in real overhead room microphones to taste. This is not simple reverb — this is lifelike ambience captured by actual room mics in real professional studios. It's all at your fingertips with the Pearl Mimic Pro. Game-changing innovation What Pearl and Slate have done in the Mimic Pro is something e-drummers have been asking for for decades. That is, they've integrated a real professional drum library into a compact, easy-to-use, live drum sampling solution. But that's only part of the story. The Mimic Pro is a complete reworking of the drum module as we know it. Here are just some of the highlights: Onboard 120GB SSD — preloaded with 60 kits from the latest Steven Slate Drums Color touchscreen — spend less time cycling and more time playing Burr Brown converters — digital samples take on 3D realism Low latency — drums respond in real time Independent mixes — monitor yourself with FX, but send dry samples to your sound engineer Multi-zone cymbals — take advantage of your cymbal's zone and choke technology SD/USB connectivity — fly in your own one-shots in .WAV and .AIFF formats Mimic Pro" the world's most advanced percussion sound source for studio and live performance applications. At the heart of this ground breaking unit is the new Steven Slate 5 drum library that features multi-channel drum samples recorded in world class studios.
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24 Bit Steven Slate 5 Drum library
7" IPS Touch Screen
16 trigger inputs and 16 Audio outputs
120 GB Soild State Drive
Dual audio mixers for front house and Headphone monitoring
Imports wave, Aiff and MP3 audio files
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