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Upgraded DR Multi Colored (Rocksmith) Strings
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The Condition:

This guitar dates somewhere between 2005-2010. This guitar has been previously owned and used and signs of use are visible. The guitar is in good overall condition and has been tested by our in store technicians. Some minor pick marks, fingerprints, and some dents may be seen but no major chips or cracks. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the guitar to effect the playability or functionality in a negative manner. Electronics have been tested and assured to be in proper working order. Action is pretty low and there is minor to little fretware - the guitar will most likely need to be setup when you receive it so you can level it out to preference.

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The Story:

In the early days of - the operation was small, and (as it still remains today) being a family owned business, Paul Stark and his son Jeremy Stark - have always had a niche for not only Music and Instruments, but Cars and Mechanics. Paul Senior owned a body shop in his previous years, which is actually how he funded the creation of The Music Store - but that's a story for another time.

Jeremy and Greg (Paul Sr) and his third son Nick, were awesome at body work and painting. They were testing the waters on some of the new custom guitars they built - with some automotive paint. This Purple Lacquer with the Flame emblem on the body is one of those. The craftsmanship is extraordinary, and the quality is second to none. This guitar was sold a few years after it was assembled/put together by the brothers and their Dad. That was, however, not the end of its journey.

About 6 months ago, on comes in this guitar - again - this sold atleast 4, but more like 5 or 6 years ago. The customer who purchased played for a few months, stored it, and never touched it. The guitar had been sitting in its case essentially since it left our door with only minimal play time on it. Just the fact that it came back after all those years, and seeing it after so long, we had to have it back.

So now we are (back) in possession of the last TMS Custom Shop guitar that Greg and his Sons built, soon to be a decade ago! As the ol man says, everything is for sale - although we love having the story to tell hanging on the wall - we would love someone to get the play time this guitar deserves and is meant for - and to find it a nice loving home in the long run.

The Features:

  • Purple Haze Flame Decal Under Clear Coat Lacquer
  • Strat Style, Alder(Or Ash) Body - Not 100% Sure
  • 6 String - DR Multi Colored Electric Strings
  • Smooth, C Shaped Maple Neck
  • SSS Pickup Configuration
  • White Pickguard
  • 2 Tones/1 Volume Knob
  • 5 Way Selector Switch
  • Made with Pride in Clarksville, Indiana USA

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