Tama Starclassic 22" 4-piece Drum Set Phantasm Oyster Kit with Hardware

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14"x22" Bass Drum 8"x12" Tom Tom 16"x16" Floor Tom 6.5"x14" Snare Drum
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The evolution of Starclassic from maple, birch, bubinga, birch/bubinga continues, and now - after intense analysis, rigorous research, development and product testing - we have arrived at the latest Starclassic modern development, Starclassic Walnut/Birch.

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  • 4 Piece Shell Pack
  • Tom Mounting Included
  • Tama Heavy Duty Hardware Pack
  • Bonus Matching Snare Drum
  • Single Chain Kick Pedal
  • Virgin Kick Drum

Sizes Include:

  • 14"x22" Bass Drum
  • 8"x12" Tom Tom
  • 16"x16" Floor Tom
  • 6.5"x14" Snare Drum

Hardware Includes:

  • x1 HC83BW Tama Roadpro Boom Cymbal Stand
  • x1 Tama Single Kick Pedal
  • x1 Tama Heavy Duty Snare Stand
  • x1 Tama HD Hi Hat Cymbal Stand

Shells (Walnut/Birch)

  • TT/FT/SD: 6mm, 4ply Birch + 2 inner ply American Black Walnut
  • BD: 8mm, 5ply Birch + 2 inner ply American Black Walnut

The hybrid shell exhibits the focused attack of birch paired with the firm and warm of Walnut. This sound is not only punchy, but sweet and mellow. When you beat the drums once, excellent tone is surround you.

The "Quick-Lock" tom brackets equipped on the Star-Cast Mounting System and on Starclassic floor toms have some very distinctive, ground-breaking features.
First and foremost, as their name suggests, these brackets allow for quick and easy setup and breakdown. But the real unique feature of these brackets is that once the drum is positioned on a tom stand or floor tom legs, there is no need to attach and adjust separate memory locks to save the setting. By simply sliding the switch on the tom bracket, the bracket separates into two parts. When the drum is removed for breakdown, the "memory lock" portion remains on the tom stand or floor tom leg. This saves your positioning and makes the next set up quick and easy.

LPO Finish : Lacquer Phantasm Oyster

We discovered the perfect ratio of walnut to birch that produced a superior quality of low-to-mid frequency warmth that perfectly complemented the clear attack and higher frequency projection of birch. The sound is familiar, but distinctively different from Tama sounds of the past.

The Starclassic series continues to be a representation of our collective drum-making passion, wisdom and pursuit to offer refined and differentiated sounds. Starclassic Walnut/Birch defines our commitment to evolve our drum sounds and inspire the contemporary drummer.