Special Orders

What is a special order?

We have great relationships with all the manufacturers. We are quite educated about the products they carry as well. We can get your special order to you as fast as or even faster than anyone else so if your concerned, read this article, and contact us with any questions toll free at 1-866-MUSIC-03 or local 812-949-3004. Thanks.

Specifics and Rules of a Special Order

Special Orders take time. Please allow a minimum of 90 days (usually) and up to 6 months for Production. Every brand, and or product is different so be sure to ask any questions you may have up front. We aren't sugar coating a thing, it is what it is and we don't pad special orders with any additional costs - it is of no benefit to us, nor is it a disadvantage, therefore either way, we just want you to get what you want, and be happy.

The Process

The process is quite simple. You place your order (the only additional up charge being your patience of course) and issue payment. All special orders are prepaid, in full, 100%. We literally take your money and send it direct to the manufacturer for the product to be built.

Quality takes Time...

In many cases we will take the initiative to special order items for you. A good example (at the time of this article being published) is our DW Collectors drums. Another example is our Rogers USA Drums. All in all, from Pearl Drums and Snare Drums to our Ludwig USA Drum Kits we have seen the quality and pride taken in some of the craftsmanship. Rest assure - special orders, once you receive your product, you find are well worth every second.


Please keep in mind that once we place your special order - it is a non-cancelable, non-refundable purchase. Production will not stop because you changed your mind, so this is the time to decide, be picky, and ensure you get exactly what you want - from size to finish - hey, your the one watching the clock. Dont settle, get what YOU want!


When your product is complete (either overseas or here in the states) your item will ship direct to you from the Manufacturer in most cases. Sometimes it will have to come to the store first. In this case we will call and give you a heads up letting you know it has arrived and is on the way. EITHER way its coming to you, you will want to check your email and notifications or log in to your drummersuperstore.com account, as that is where you will see the tracking number you need to watch the item as it gets closer to you. Now is the time you've been waiting for!