Peavey Invective MH 20/5/1 Watt Tube Head 2-channel Tube Amplifier Head

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Peavey Invective MH 20/5/1-watt Tube Head

20/5/1-watt, 2-channel Tube Amplifier Head with Noise Gate, Effects Loop, Power Attenuator, 2-band EQ (Clean Channel), 3-band EQ (Lead Channel), Cab-simulated Output, and Headphone Output

The Peavey invective® MH, created in collaboration with the great Misha Mansoor of Periphery, is a tube-tone monster! It has the heritage of the all-time best-selling metal amp, the sound of an all-tube amplifier, and the capabilities you need to discreetly record the perfect tone.

The invective MH all-tube small head features an outstanding clean channel, unlike many high-gain amplifiers. Channel one has separate Gain and Tone settings that are excellent as a foundation for those who like using pedals.

Based on the storied Peavey 6505®, the Lead channel incorporates several highly-requested additional capabilities to provide the ideal tone. The Tight button actually decreases some gain and enhances string clarity, giving the impression that the crunch is being tightened up, while the Gate control allows for incredibly loud and tight palm muting. The Boost option, ideal for soloing, allows for greater output via foot switch.

Resonance and Presence controls, which were initially included on the original 6505 and contribute to its recognizable tone, are accessible to users via the Master section. One of the most adaptable tube amps on the market is made possible by the amp's back. A Peavey first, an on-board dummy load enables the speaker output to be muted for usage with headphones or quiet recording. The invective MH is ideal for recording whether utilizing the XLR output or the USB out. The user may simply include their preferred effects into the signal path thanks to the built-in footswitchable effects loop and on-board 9v pedal supply plenty of features for modern players.

  • Misha Mansoor’s signature amp head packed into a 20-watt, 2-channel design
  • Preamps designed around the popular 6505 sound
  • Pristine cleans available
  • Power attenuation circuit, speaker defeat switch, and headphone output are great for practicing
  • 2-band adaptive EQ (Clean channel), 3-band EQ (Lead channel), Master Resonance, and Master Presence
  • Footswitch jacks allow you to engage or disengage the Tight voicing and any combination of Gate and Boost on the Lead channel
  • Footswitchable buffered effects loop for integrating your pedalboard and other processors
  • Noise gate is designed for incredibly fast sound cutoff
  • Tube Status Indication lets you know your power tubes are still working properly
  • Cab-emulated direct output with XLR and ground-lift control
  • Speaker-simulated USB output for direct connection to a computer

Players looking for the same tonal freedom as many modeling units will like the Peavey invective MH all-tube amplifier head's plenty of extra options. The unit's front has a noise gate with a very quick reaction that is ideal for producing accurate palm-muted riffs. The amp's power attenuator turns it down from 20 watts that are suitable for clubs to five watts that are suitable for rehearsals to one watt that is suitable for bedrooms. You may also include your pedalboard and other external processors using a buffered effects loop.

The insults don't stop there.

MH has a plethora of features that are player-friendly, but it also has a fantastic selection of switching choices that let you easily access all of your tones whether you're in a practice or on stage. The invective is made possible by dual 1/4" TRS footswitch jacks. MH to activate or deactivate the Lead channel's Tight voicing and any combination of Gate and Boost. Moreover, the effects loop has a footswitch.


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  • 2x EL84 power tubes and 3x 12AX7/ECC83 preamp tubes
  • Attenuator switch for 20 watts, 5 watts or 1 watt output power
  • Clean Channel with Low and High EQ
  • Lead Channel with 3 band EQ
  • Footswitchable Tight on Lead channel
  • Footswitchable Gate and Boost on Lead Channel
  • Footswitchable buffered effects Loop
  • Tube Status Indication (T.S.I.) circuit
  • Impedance switch for 16 or 8 ohm cabinets
  • MSDI™ Output with XLR and ground lift switch
  • USB Output
  • Master Resonance and Presence
  • Speaker defeat switch
  • Headphone output
  • Weight Packed: 20.50 lb(9.3 kg)
  • Width Packed: 13.125"(33.3375 cm)
  • Height Packed: 19.375"(49.2125 cm)
  • Depth Packed: 12.375"(31.4325 cm)
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