Peavey Invective 120-watt 2x12" Extension Speaker Cabinet

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  • Peavey invective®.212 2x12 Guitar Cabinet
  • Peavey invective®.212 2x12 Guitar Cabinet
  • Peavey invective®.212 2x12 Guitar Cabinet
  • Peavey invective®.212 2x12 Guitar Cabinet
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Peavey Invective 212 - 120-watt 2x12" Electric Guitar Extension Cabinet

120-watt 2x12" Guitar Speaker Cabinet with Parallel Inputs, 1 Celestion Vintage 30, and 1 Celestion Creamback
Misha Mansoor and Peavey understood their iconic Invective.120 electric guitar amplifier head required a cabinet that authentically translated the amp's diversity of tonal possibilities.
This was accomplished with the Peavey Invective.212, 2 x 12" cab.
The cab, which is loaded with one Celestion Vintage 30 and one Celestion Creamback, combines warm vintage tones with the Vintage 30's cutting mids.
The Invective.212 also has parallel inputs for transmitting separate signals to each speaker.
In order to voice its Invective.212 120-watt 2 x 12" cabinet, Peavey collaborated with Celestion speakers.
They decided to combine the warmer tones of a 60-watt Creamback with a midrange-focused 60-watt Vintage 30.
When played together, this combo strikes a balance between the Creamback's warmer tones and the cut you need to cut through the band.
This is particularly useful if you mic each speaker independently.
You may combine the signals of the two to your liking.

There are two methods to operate the guitar cabinet for Invective.212.
To get the full 120 watts at 16 ohms, plug in only one input.
When you take a step back, you can really appreciate how well the Vintage 30 and Creamback mesh.
Additionally, the 120-watt Invective.212 cabinet has parallel inputs.
Separate signals may be fed into each speaker, which is useful for stereo setups and wet-dry rigs.
Each speaker in this setup will produce 60 watts at an impedance of 8 ohms.

Features of the Peavey Invective.212
  • Signature 2x12" speaker cabinet by Misha Mansoor
  • The ideal complement to Peavey's invective.
  • Combining a Celestion Classic 30 and Creamback for contemporary and vintage tones, the 120 electric guitar amp head
  • You may use a parallel input to run a mono or two distinct signals.
  • 120 watts at 16 ohms are handled.
  • Construction using finger joints and solid pine
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  • 1" x 12" Celestion Vintage 30
  • 1" x 12" Celestion Creamback H
  • Stereo / Mono input switch
  • Dual speaker inputs (parallel mono)
  • 16 Ohms mono, 8 Ohms per side stereo
  • Weight Packed: 52.91 lb (24 kg)
  • Width Packed: 21" (53.34 cm)
  • Height Packed: 17" (43.18 cm)
  • Depth Packed: 31" (78.74 cm)
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