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Offset Sole Single Bass Drum Kick Pedal, Double Chain

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  • Offset Sole Single Bass Drum Kick Pedal, Double Chain
  • Offset Sole Single Bass Drum Kick Pedal, Double Chain
  • Offset Sole Single Bass Drum Kick Pedal, Double Chain
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Offset Sole Single Bass Drum Pedal - Double Chain

Single Bass Drum Pedal with Dual-chain Drive and Reversible Beater

Freestanding Single Pedal with Key-adjustable Drive Wheel

Dual tension springs and a rock-solid pedestal design make the all-metal Offset Sole a stellar option for single-pedal players — as well as the perfect auxiliary percussion companion for your Eclipse double pedal. The Offset Sole’s large and wide metal footboard accommodates diverse players and techniques, from barefoot and heel-down to heel-up in pumps. In addition to its "stereo" tension springs and smooth dual-chain drive, which together exhibit a wide range of response and sensitivity, the Offset Sole gives you an infinitely adjustable drive wheel so you can find your ideal blend of speed and power from playing position. All that’s required is a drum key. An included reversible two-way beater and a convertible chain/direct drive system prepare the OffSet Sole single pedal for the most particular drummers on the planet.

Freestanding pedestal design

The OffSet Sole’s freestanding design offers rock-solid stability and performance. A swivel hoop clamp, which eliminates lateral torque, protects bass hoops from damage.

Large all-metal footboard

Offset's 12.5" x 3.5" metal footboards are one of the largest in the industry. The Sole’s increased board size accommodates players of all sizes and techniques: heel-up, heel-down, or heel-toe.

Two adjustable tension springs

If you’re a player who really likes to fine-tune your spring tension, the Offset Sole’s twin springs give you a wide range of response.

Continuously adjustable drive wheel

Thanks to its Radius Adjustable Drive Wheel, the OffSet Sole can be tuned for precision speed or devastating power. The integrated drive wheel adjusts continuously from 1.5" to 3" using a standard drum key — there are no parts to remove, install, or keep track of.

Convertible dual-chain action

Drummers enjoy the OffSet Sole’s smooth dual-chain drive, which responds quickly and fluidly underfoot. But players who are looking for tighter tolerances can easily modify their Sole with OffSet’s optional Direct Drive Conversion Kit (sold separately). For these reasons and more, if you’re choosy about bass pedal performance, the Offset Sole single pedal is well worth a look.

OffSet Sole Single Bass Drum Pedal Features:

  • For acoustic drums, electronic kick pads, cowbells, and more
  • Stable freestanding pedestal design
  • Continuously adjustable drive wheel can be tuned for speed or power
  • Smooth dual-chain action — convertible to direct-drive with optional kit (sold separately)
  • Large footboard accommodates diverse playing styles
  • Reversible hard/soft beater included
  • The perfect match for your Eclipse double pedal
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Top craftsmanship, engineering, speed and smoothness make this a professional quality pedal.
Backed by the OffSet 2-year Limited Warranty.
30-day "Try Me" Satisfaction guarantee.
Free standing pedestal design with upper transverse beam and solid metal base plate for maximum strength and rigidity.
Smooth bearing-loaded heel plate and height adjustable pedal board.
Large 12.5 long x 3.5 wide foot pedal, among largest in the industry - for either heel-up or heel-down techniques.
Radius adjustable drive wheel - The only pedal in the industry on which the diameter of the drive wheel can be infinitely adjusted from 1.5 to 3 with only a drum key. This allows drummer to adjust the drive wheel from a speed cam to a power cam and anything in between with no parts to get lost.
Spring shackle lugs thread into a locking nut keyed into the body of the shackle, totally eliminating the possibility of them stripping out.
Fully adjustable concentric double chain drive. (optional direct drive kit available)
¢ Dual drive springs for increased response and sensitivity.
Spring-loaded anti-skid spurs and Industrial Strength Velcro on pedal base for zero movement during play.
Adjustable beater holder with 1 lateral adjustment.
Hard-soft mallet with adjustable weight-marker.
Center-mounting Swivel-foot hoop clamp which eliminates all lateral torque on the bass drum hoop.
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