Side by Side Comparison of Casio's CDP-S350 & PX-S3000 Digital Pianos

Posted by RAD on 4th Nov 2021

Side by Side Comparison of Casio's CDP-S350 & PX-S3000 Digital Pianos

CDP-S350 vs PX-S3000 – A comparison

On a spec sheet, the CDP-S350 and PX-S3000 may appear very similar but the PX-S3000 has so many advantages that we wanted to highlight them so that you know how to up sell. Here are some of the advantages of the PX-S3000:

  • The Piano Experience: The Privia PX-S3000 has many nuances and details that bring the piano experience to a completely new level. String Resonance, Damper Resonance, Key and damper noises mechanical noises are just a few things that allow players to get lost in the experience.
  • 2 real-time control knobs and an expression pedal input: Adjust tone parameters, fade in string tones and more with these real-time controls. /span>
  • Tone and DSP Effects Editing: The PX-S3000 allows you to change the envelopes, filters and more to customize tones. Even more the DSP (insert) effects gives you access to 100 effect changes complete with AMP Simulators, Delays, Wah-Wah effects and much much more.
  • 96 Performance Registrations to store all customization.
  • Bluetooth Audio Input: Utilize the PX-S3000’s speaker system to listen to music throughout your home.
  • Smart Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard: Casio’s patent pending *smart features create an unparalleled touch to sound connection.
  • Improved Speaker System: Although the same wattage as the CDP-S350 the PX-S3000 much a much better speaker system
  • 192 Voices of Polyphony: For demanding pianists & performers using layers the PX-S3000 delivers with 192 voices of polyphony vs 64 on the CDP-S350.
  • 1/4″ Audio Outputs: For performers connecting to mixers and PA equipment as well as connection to piano lab systems

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