Rogers 2021 Powertone Snare Drums in 3 Finishes, and 3 Sizes - Now Available!

Posted by brad on 14th Oct 2021

Rogers 2021 Powertone Snare Drums in 3 Finishes, and 3 Sizes - Now Available!

JUST ARRIVED! Rogers Powertone Snare Drum

Warm Welcome Back for a True Snare Legend 

A past Rogers Drums icon, the Powertone Snare makes its anticipated re-entry into the wood shell snare game with all the features that made it such a beloved element of the company's storied history. DrummerSuperStore drummers have found that what makes this snare so special is how hard it works for drummers of all backgrounds and styles. The Powertone Snare delivers a warm, powerful sound with solid and emotive projection that will hold its own within many different kit layouts. The 6.5-inch x 14-inch dimensions perform especially well for drummers looking to get a heartier, mid-range sound out of their snare. Rogers Drums worked tirelessly to revitalize this snare and keep it true to the classic, reliable tone that its predecessors embodied so well, and it's clear that their hard work paid off!

Classic appointments with new age charm 

The raw sound of the Rogers Drums Powertone Snare certainly needs little introduction. With the warmth of each strike at the forefront, you'll rediscover Rogers' exceptional tone and dynamic response with ease. With its proprietary 5-ply body and 2-ply reinforcement ring, the Powertone provides a sturdy hull to project its classic sound effortlessly. Externally, the Powertone is profiled by eight beavertail lugs and meaty 2.3mm chrome hoops — this snare definitely means business!