Prepare for a Different Holiday Season with these Tips...

Posted by Brad Oliver on 21st Nov 2021

Prepare for a Different Holiday Season with these Tips...

Holiday Tips in Preparation for a Weird Season

If you've been watching the news, or even if you haven' most likely have felt the effects of the disruption to Americas supply chain which has been causing waves of back orders for over a month. As the holiday season approaches, we find ourselves in the midst of another unprecedented year! If you’re worried about supply-chain issues impacting your Christmas cheer, or rather, gear, then here are some helpful tips that will keep your holiday season bright!

Some of these tips below might very well seem obvious, but for some of you, we are fully aware of the loads of optimism many musicians have (specifically ME) in thoughts of being a last minute shopper... this year that might just cause more pain than you expect. Take these tips below at face value, and just be sure to give yourself an extra minute if you are planning, or searching for a specific item. If you can't find something, call us here at the drummersuperstore as we do not give up without a fight. Some things, unfortunately, will be, and are, just out of our control.

So without further ado.... Our Hottest Recommendations for this holiday season...

Firstly, Get It While It’s Hot

Think about it ... Because of potential inventory, and supply-chain issues its clear they will likely impact the availability of future stock or re-orders, therefore, you might want to think twice about passing on that in-stock gear when and if you see it. We won't be getting many more shipments - so if we have it now, and you want it... jump of it, there is most likely someone else right behind you that will... After all, a Michael Kelly 1963 Tele Style Electric Guitar in the hand is worth two USA Fenders (back-ordered until June of 2022 minimum!) in your shopping cart!

Ship It Early, or Even Earlier

All the carriers, FedEx, USPS, and UPS alike are expecting another huge year for deliveries, so be sure you don’t wait to ship those packages! To make sure your gear arrives safe, sound, and on time, we recommend shipping as soon as possible — like NOW. If your local to us and need something shipped in a safe manner, we ship nearly 500+ packages a month.... just bring it down to the store and we'll handle the rest. Peace of mind at it's finest :)

Gift Cards Are the Perfect Present

So your a last-minute shopper?? No Worries, so are we! Maybe you’re buying for the world’s pickiest player? Lucky for you - Drummersuperstore Gift Cards are always an excellent option, and digital delivery is super fast and easy. If you’d prefer to wrap your present, then we have physical gift cards, too!

We’re Here to Help

Lastly, if there is anything we can do to help you have an absolutely great holiday season, just let us know! Whether you need an expert opinion, seasoned recommendations, or simply great gift ideas, a friendly representative of the drummersuperstore staff is only a call, email, or text away.... and if your in the area we would absolutely love for you to stop in person at the store and check out our 2 floors of musical instruments ranging from (relatively) 32 High End - Entry Level Drum Sets (actually Set up!), 50+ Acoustic, Electric Guitars, Bass Guitar Room, our Snare Drum Wall, and tons of accessories that musician in your life will love!

With a little planning, you’re sure to be the holiday hero this year. If there’s anything we can do to help you find the perfect gift for yourself or someone you know, please reach out to us at 1-866-MUSIC-03 or direct 812-949-3004 we are open 9am to 6pm Monday through Friday, and here on Saturdays at least til 2pm... but let us know if you need us to hang out a little longer. We will be on deck through the duration for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday... while off on Thanksgiving and New Years, as far as Christmas Eve, you can expect us to be open most likely with extended hours for you last minute shopper. Happy holidays!