New for 2021 The Gretsch Renown 57 Returns!!

Posted by Hal Leonard on 21st Jan 2021

New for 2021 The Gretsch Renown 57 Returns!!

New for 2020

In January, 2011, Gretsch went against the grain and conventional design by introducing Renown 57. The unique look

thanks to its classic car colors and the Chevron logo immediately became a hit throughout the world and almost 10

years later we still receive order requests for them.

In response to the many requests, for only one year we are introducing a new breed in the coveted series: Renown 57 - Silver Oyster Pearl. The basis of the kit’s formula mimic’s today’s RN2 by adapting the 7-ply maple shell, 30 degree bearing edges, 302 hoops, silver sealer interiors, and Low Profile GTS system.

Today’s RN57 have bass drums with no mounts and traditional 14” depths, just what Gretsch enthusiasts often ask for. Both configurations are offered in our Silver Oyster Pearl Nitron.




  • Low profile GTS tom suspension system
  • Low-profile tom and floor tom leg brackets
  • 12.7mm L-Arm w/Clam Style Clamp
  • Gretsch T-Wing nut/bolt

Shell Material: 7-ply Gretsch Formula Maple

Snare Hoops: ‘302’ Hoops
Tom Hoops: ‘302’ Hoops
Bass: Piano White Gloss with matching inlays

Bearing Edges: 30 degrees