Musical Instruments Complete List from A to Z

Musical Instruments Complete List from A to Z

This is the MOST complete list of musical instruments from a to z on the internet!!

Here is a list of Musical Instruments from A to Z. is happy to present to you this complete list of around-the-world music instruments ranging from all genres, and ethnic backgrounds. History behind all these musical instruments ranges, but the idea here was to present, as complete a list of musicians toys aka music gear that we could in one list. If you happen to notice an instrument we forgot, please dont hesitate to comment or reach out to us on live chat, social media, or email us.

You can contact us. Without further ado, here is our Comlete List of Musical Instruments from A to Z:

A – accordion, acoustic guitar, autoharp, Afuche, Agogo, Algaita Balalaika

B – bagpipes, banjo, bassoon, bell, bongo, bugle, bass
C – castanets, cello, clarinet, conga, cornet, cymbals, chimes, cowbell, clarinet, cajon, celesta, crumhorn, caxixi, clavichord, compressor
D – drums,djembe, doumbek, dulcimer, deccabon,
E – ektara, erhu, erxian, ekwe, english horn, euphonium, eq, equalizer
F – flute, flutophone, flugelhorn, French horn, finger cymbals, fiddle, fife
G – glockenspiel, gongs, guitar, glass chord, gadulka, gate
H – harmonica, harp, harpsichord, horn, Harpsichord, hurdy-gurdy
I - Ipu , Igil, Irish bouzouki, Inci, Irish Uilleann, Istarski mih
J - jug Janggu, Jew’s harp, Jiaohu, Jinghu, Jawharp
K – kazoo, keyboard, kettle drum, kalimba
L – lute, lyre
M – mandolin, maracas,mixer, microphone
N – Naqara, Nyckelharpa, Nadaswaram, Natural Trumpet, Nay, Ney, Northumbrian small pipes, Nose flute
O – organ, oboe, octabon
P – piano, percussions, pipe organ, Piccolo, panflute
Q – quinticlave, Qanun, Quena
R – recorder, rain stick, rattle, reed pipe, ratton,
S – saxophone, snare drum, steel drum, strings, sousaphone, synthesizer, Spoons, Sitar, Slide guitar, Steel guitar, Slide whistle
T – tambourine, triangle, trombone, trumpet, tuba, turntables, Tom-tom, timbale
U – ukulele, Udu Ud/ oud, Irish Uilleann
V – viola, violin, Vertical flute
W –Whip/slapstick, Welsh pipes, Willow flute, Wind Chimes, Washtub bass, whistle
X – xylophone, Xylorimba, Xalam, Xiaodihu, Xiao, Xun
Y - Yun Lo, Yang Chin, Yang chi’in, Yueh Ch’in, Yayli tanbur, Yazheng, Yu, Yehu,
Z – zither, Zhongdihu, Zhuihu, Zither, Zonghu, Zampogna, Zaqq, Zufalo, Zurna

26th Jul 2022 Brad Oliver

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