G&L Tribute Series ASAT Classic Electric Guitar: Features To Discover

G&L Tribute Series ASAT Classic Electric Guitar: Features To Discover

Music is a beautiful form of art that exists in many forms and genres. It is something truly magical that can allow artists to express themselves and make listeners feel some truly unique emotions. However, artists cannot make good music if they do not have good instruments. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you invest in ideal musical instruments from a trusted brand - like an instrument shop Walnut Creek or your online superstore

One such instrument is the electric guitar, a staple of many music genres, like rock. You may find many options out there and will want to invest in an ideal one. After all, electric guitars do not come cheap. Not to worry, we have you sorted out. This article will introduce you to the G&L Tribute Series ASAT Classic Electric Guitar. We will talk about all the fantastic features that make this electric guitar a must-buy.

Without further delay, let's dive in.

Gorgeous Musical Tone

The musical tone of the songs you play is crucial as it ensures that the melody flows smoothly. If the musical style of your electric guitar is not ideal, it can ruin the whole song. The ASAT Classic guitar features a body that ensures the perfect musical tone. It is made of a solid sassafras body, an ideal tonewood that produces a great combination of highs, lows and mids. Additionally, this guitar features a solid maple neck, a comfortable medium "C" profile, and a 9.5-inch radius fingerboard that allows you to play music with as much ease as possible. In this way, you can make genuinely fantastic music in a comfortable and fun way.

Produces Multitude of Sonic Textures

The ASAT Classic guitar is also equipped to produce many sonic textures, making it ideal for creating music in a series of genres. This is courtesy of the pair of single-coil Magnetic Field Design pickups designed by the great American inventor Leo Fender. These pickups contain extra-thick bar magnets that emit ultra-tight magnetic fields and allow high energy around the coil. Thus, this design leads to a powerful percussive attack and output, with individually adjustable pole pieces that provide you with complete control of the music you play. Additionally, the neck pickup is superior to traditional T-style neck single-coils as they are brighter, more robust and more precise. All these features ensure that the ASAT Classic can play a variety of sounds, whether jazz tones or complex harmonics.

Available in various designs

The ASAT Classic Electric Guitar comes in various designs, ensuring that you get a functional instrument and an aesthetic one. For starters, there is the Emerald Blue Metallic guitar with a glossy finish that will catch the attention of anyone watching you play. The Butterscotch Blonde option also gives a more mellow and wooden design for those who prefer a more natural or wooden aesthetic. Lastly, there is the iconic 3-tone Sunburst design that is strongly associated with rock music. Therefore, you can get the Classic Electrical Guitar in your ideal aesthetic design.

Fulfills Leo Fender's Vision

The History of G&L

For those who don't know, Leo Fender is a great American inventor who is considered the father of the electric guitar. After he founded two successful guitar brands and worked as a consultant, he still felt he had unfinished business in the industry. As a result, he partnered with G&L to implement unique designs and technology into musical instruments, such as the Magnetic Field Design pickups that are incorporated into the Classic Electric Guitar. He was so proud of these created instruments that he declared the G&L instruments the best he ever made. Therefore, you can experience Leo Fender's vision when you purchase and play the ASAT Electric Guitar.

Wrapping up

Every artist needs good quality instruments if they are to produce ideal music. When it comes to electric guitars, there is none better than the ASAT Classic Guitar. This guitar incorporates technology and designs created by the great inventor Leo Fender and fulfills his vision for musical instruments. He said that G&L instruments are the best he's ever made. Additionally, this instrument provides a gorgeous musical tone while producing many sonic tones. This allows you to create high-quality music while controlling its style. This guitar comes in various designs, ensuring a great aesthetic alongside functionality.

We hope this article proves insightful and encourages you to try this fantastic electric guitar. This way, you can produce music that elevates you as an artist. Thank you for reading!

18th Oct 2022 Matthew Wyatt

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