Mapex Black Panther Series Sledgehammer Snare Drum - 14" x 6.5" Hammered Brass BPBR465HZN

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6.5" x 14" Brass Snare Drum with 1.2mm Hammered Shell and 2.3mm Triple-flanged Hoops
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The Mapex Sledgehammer's unique fit and finish believe its workhorse appeal. This snare really can handle it all, from punk and black metal to country and soul. Its handsome, 1.2mm hammered antique brass shell has a delightfully modern character and tremendous projection, with the complex bite and sensitivity that only brass can achieve. Yet with very little damping, this Black Panther turns pussycat, capable of woody, punchy, and dry overtones to serve any song. The Mapex Sledgehammer's heavy-duty brushed Sonic Saver Hoops and 45-degree bearing edges give it a wide tuning range, while its smooth throw off makes it easy to dial in some coveted snare tones.

  • Sonic Saver Hoops
  • Cylinder-Drive Strainer
  • Premium Snare Wires
  • 14"x6.5"
  • Brass
  • Bearing Edge: Traditional 45 degree
  • Sound: Bright, Focused, & Loud
  • Hammered Brass
  • Antique Brass

Hammered shell has a complex look and voice

What hammering does for fine cymbals, it does also for the Mapex Sledgehammer's all-brass shell. The Sledgehammer's complex overtones espouse none of the pingy-ness common to brass snares, while at the same time giving it a unique finish and luxurious look you'll be proud to show off at a gig.

Mapex Sledgehammer Black Panther 14" Snare Drum Features:

  • Workhorse snare for the session drummer
  • Versatility for any musical style — from traditional to aggressive
  • 1.2mm brass shell is sensitive and powerful
  • Full-bodied, woody punch
  • Dark, complex overtones
  • Sharp bite
  • Powerful rimshots
  • Neutralizes with little damping
  • Sounds natural at low, medium, and medium-high tuning ranges
  • Large-bore hammering unlocks complex overtones and designer looks
  • Sonic Saver hoops are durable and soulful

Sonic Savers bridge the gap between flanged and cast

Mapex Sonic Saver hoops produce a tone of their own, combining with the crack of the Sledgehammer's shell for a round, powerful rimshot. At a pound and a half each, it should also come as no surprise that Sonic Savers are built to take a beating without warping or falling apart.

Shell Construction:
Hammered 1.2mm
Shell (Depth x Diameter)::
6.5" x 14"
Sonic Saver Hoops
Brass Finish
Shell Material::
Brass (1.2mm)