Electro Harmonix 720 Stereo Looper Guitar Effects FX Pedal

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Looper Pedal with 12 Minutes of Looping, Stereo Operation, 10 Loops, 1/2 Speed, and Reverse
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Plenty of looping potential

At its core, the Electro-Harmonix 720 pedal is a powerful tool for looping performance. You'll have access to 12 minutes of uncompressed audio at 24-bit conversion and at a 44.1kHz Sample Rate. The loops are split up into 10 individual loops that can be accessed via the Loop knob or an additional 3-button footswitch. And with unlimited overdubbing, there is no end to how much you can experiment and create with the 720 Stereo Looper.

Powerful onboard features

The 720 Stereo Looper pedal offers as many options as possible for achieving new sounds and inspirations, such as stereo in and outputs for getting a wide sonic spectrum. The stereo inputs also work flawlessly for looping with two instruments simultaneously. Footswitchable undo and redo functions ensure your audience hears only the performance you want them to. And reverse and 1/2 time buttons take your music in new and unexpected directions.

Great access to complete control

The Electro-Harmonix 720 Stereo Looper took into consideration your need for easy control of all of its powerful features. Two footswitches on the face control the current loop for recording, overdubbing, undoing, and redoing a performance. The Loop knob/button accesses the pedal's three modes and cycles through the 10 loop locations. And a side jack allows you to add an additional 3-button footswitch for even more hands-free control.

Electro-Harmonix 720 Stereo Looper Pedal Features:

  • Compact and powerful looping pedal
  • 12 minutes of high-quality looping
  • Unlimited overdubbing
  • Stereo operation
  • Loop 2 instruments at once
  • Footswitchable undo and redo
  • Reverse and 1/2 time available
  • Dual footswitches for hands-free operation
  • Foot control out for adding additional switching
  • Plenty of looping potential
  • Powerful onboard features
  • Great access to complete control
Pedal Type::
Stereo looper
10 independent loops
Looping Time::
12 Minutes
2 x 1/4" (left, right), 1 x 1/4" (external foot controller)
2 x 1/4" (left, right)
Optional 9V battery